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The order software for buyer and supplier. Buyers can use TecLocal as a standalone or network solution, whereat the network solution requires a MS SQL (Express) or Oracle database.

TecLocal 4.0.10

The current version (recommended)

TecLocal 4.0 - MultiUserDatabase Tool

The user can create the TecLocal database structure on the MS SQL server and use the migration option to transfer data from a previous TecLocal Version 3.0 with MS Access database.

TecLocal 4.0.9 Documentation

TecLocal 3.0

TecLocal 3.0 is based on an Access database (standalone and network) and should be used only in exceptional cases.

TecLocal 3.0 Documentation

Accessories for TecLocal

Import of Orders              

Catalogue Inferfaces (IFD)                

Sending and receiving reverse messages



Documents for the Buyer

Standard Message Formats                

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